About this mod The mod focuses on improving overall gameplay by fixing bugged and over/underpowered skills, balancing of crafting, loot and economy while still keeping the game as close to vanilla as possible. Quitting and relaunching resolves the problem. all the remaining damage will be dealt at once. Known issue: when loading any of these checkpoint saves, botchling will not spawn properly, but you will be able to use Axii on baron to calm him down and all quest stages will work properly. Time to run the game and see if it works! Download, read the readme and perform the steps. Here's WGhost81's own excellent list of mods to use with the mod: The Witcher 3: Ghost Mode Mod List.The Total Immersion Mod List is another excellent source of ideas for mods to use with Ghost Mode.. My original list of mods for Ghost Mode from 2017/18 is here: The Witcher 3 … Note that the vanilla meditation menu allows you to skip time, but if you want to do your preparations you need to be in the meditation state without skipping time! Ghost mode aint bad but it does change quest locations or even made them accesable only later just because of that i would not reccomend it when you are just starting out, other changes are not bad so it is really up to you. Ghost Mode for Witcher 3. Resets at the end of the combat. - Metabolism Boost now forks as follows: "When Adrenaline Points are at their maximum, drinking a toxic potion increases the Toxicity Decay Rate by 2 points for 10 sec.". All Quest Objectives On Map by Wolfmark (full version, modGenericMerchantsFix is included in Ghost Mode). Clock Only mod from Minimap Reworked collection by AsarGiN. - Fixed vanilla bug with NPC projectiles ignoring certain solid obstacles like trees (credits to Reaper). When logged in, you can choose up to 12 games that will be displayed as favourites in this menu. kdiff3 is a powerful tool, but merging scripts properly requires some programming knowledge, there’s no definitive answer to all the conflicts different mods might have. Combat Stance allows more control over Geralt’s movements in battle. - Flood of Anger: focus is now drained after the cast allowing casting with adrenaline. effects do not cumulate. - Metamorphosis: Allows to imbibe up to 3 decoctions with no toxicity cost. Autoapply oils. Out of curiosity (since I am drawing a blank at the moment) which skill(s) does AAO make irrelevant? - Added more health to escort mission NPCs like Nidas, Novigrad noble, hero wannabes on Skellige and Ves. Update the mod by removing the old version first or manually delete an outdated playerInput.ws file! Well, you can disagree all you want, but there *is* a procedure described in the readme to initialize default settings by copying a content of a certain file to your settings file. Script Merger page has links to several text and video tutorials: https://www.nexusmods.com/witcher3/mods/484. Trying to figure it out. This mod’s mission is to improve the game while staying close to the vanilla version. I’m not using it because I’m using the quick items menu from Friendly HUD and I simply never access my alchemy from the inventory. Mostly. Really. Cooldown time increased from 60 to 120, - Steady Shot and Cold Blood switched. fixed a bug with enemies suddenly regaining full health mid combat; - [HoS] Levity/Balance/Heft glyphwords now modify stamina regen bonus instead of replacing it. Friendly HUD does let you apply oils from a less cluttered menu and Preparations has an option to only apply oils *before* combat, making the process more immersive if anything. Might be confusing as it's in percents, but should be easy to track as toxicity is displayed in percents on character screen. ( Log Out /  Contract monsters have immunity to heavy knockdown. If you do not want to deal with Nexus Mod Manager, you are in luck since installing The Witcher 3 mods manually is really easy. - Fixed vanilla issue with pops antidote potion not playing the appropriate sound when consumed. - enemy damage modifier internal mechanic reworked to possibly address a bug with random insane damage dealt by enemies (still can't reproduce this bug myself, so I'm shooting in the dark here). Merging the scripts worked fine, but now I am stuck here. - signs were rebalanced to make them more useful for non-sign builds and less overpowered for sign build (see readme, full changelist) - feedback is more than welcomed; - [B&W] new master tools were also added to grand master in Toussaint; - Checkpoint saves were added before wraiths appear in Bloody Baron's quest, lifting a curse from botchling phase. - Allied NPCs damage limit increased a bit: from 1-2% of max HP to 2-4% of maxHP. Note that even with TW3MM you still need Script Merger to find and resolve conflicts between mods. There are even parts of this very guide you mention that two mods should just resolve themselves automatically but when the scripts are merged there are multiple conflicts to sort out manually. Do not merge xmls, make sure Ghost Mode has the priority. Trending chevron_right. Since it offers a lot of changes and alters a lot of files it is the mod to install first, before anything else. Community Patch: Menu Strings. Different tiers have different regen bonus. that was appearing for some of the items. It will set up default behavior for both mods to work together properly: wood for spawning campfires, proper way of entering meditation state, etc. The mod aims to create more challenging and balanced experience, while not deviating too far from vanilla system and principles, i.e. And it is compatible with many mods out there, just not with the ones that change game balance. Those three games are Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint, and WWE 2K Battlegrounds, and if you like what you see from them, each of them is … Community Patch: Shared Imports by rmemr is necessary with Ghost Mode. Make sure modGhostMode is loaded first (it should by default as it's alphabetically sorted before modScabbards). I don’t like minimaps. … If you don’t want to remove minimap altogether, consider installing No Herbs and Enemy Dots on Minimap mod by DJ_Kovrik. WARNING: this is mostly compatibility update to support new FHUD, FMeditations, FStash and Preparations mods! - Edibles and drinks effect duration is now 30 sec. It will save you tons of time and headaches in the future, believe me. - Griffin school perk now reduces sign cast stamina cost instead of increasing stamina regen. - Recalculated threshold added to skill description. another bug with Northern Wind bomb is fixed, now it should work as described; wolf armor levels reworked to fit exp curve and monster levels in related areas (21-24-28-34). All the conflicts should be resolved automatically. In there, create a new folder and name it “mods”. Hence, community tools. - Added max stacked bonus info to Aerondight description for clarity. - fixed a bug with Igni Power skill bonus damage duplication; - early experience in Velen, Novigrad, Skellige and Kaer Morhen increased a bit; - Mod options were changed, repeat bin folder copy step and check your settings. Or don’t. But it can be very convenient if you do. Change ). Find the installation path of your game. Just my opinion/preference, and I do respect your aversion to a mod that does your thinking for you. First things first: if you’re new to The Witcher 3 modding take your time to at least quickly read through the Basic Guide To Installing TW3 Mods. the same amount of Adrenaline Points as when using swords for each bolt that hits the target. Give Ghost Mode the priority (in Script Merger – see the guide linked above) as, again, all the necessary fixes from those xmls are already present in the mod. I don’t like rushing things, so I’m not using this mod. - stashed items are now taken into account for crafting; - stashed items are now taken into account for making alchemy items when accessing alchemy menu from herbalist/alchemist, but only player inventory items are used when making alchemy items by yourself. The Witcher 3 Ghost Mode Download; Ghosts of the Past. See this video: https://youtu.be/O3UxNRM3I4g. - Passive skill bonuses (adrenaline gain, stamina regen, potion duration) were removed. - Counterattack skill level 3 changed to "Each Adrenaline Point grants 5% knockdown chance when. - Quen base damage absorption reduced to 250 (was 300). - Ekidna decoction now works only while in combat. - Yrden slowdown base value increased to 25% (was 15%). Vanilla. I’d only now suggest adding to the Sort Everything suggestion as that mod comes with an additional step to edit your usersettings.ini in the My Documents folder people might skim over. - Monstrous feather can now be recycled into Feather. Il est enfin arrivé, le messie de CD Projekt, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt! The Witcher 3. close. Comme tout bon jeu qui se respecte, The Witcher 3 peut se modder jusqu’au trognon. Witcher Senses help you see better in dark, - Second Life -> Life Leech: Requires Mutation Catalyst potion to activate. Wasteland ghost input would be great, thank you! Trying to merge "Ghost mode" and "Preparations" - posted in The Witcher 3 Mod Troubleshooting: They are the only 2 mods I am trying to install. No need to reinstall all the other mods. The mod can be installed with TW3MM. Always exit the game and re-run it after script compilation is done! - fixed a bug with non-minigame fists damage buff being also applied in minigame, resulting in one/two-shooting all the opponents. But some people reported it even with two mods (although I suspect it might have been something else). Today we are talking to two authors from the Witcher 3 community: wiggolp and Damastor - both of whom have managed to create new quest mods for the game, adding new areas, dialogue, and more! I’m thankful for all of your work.I never finished the vanilla game as the combat/alchemy/loot/experience gain became essentially dull by the time I was level 20 ish and if it weren’t for your mods i likely wouldn’t have picked up the game again.Level 15 now and it’s a whole another and great experience so far . Remember that the map has filters and the mod fully supports them. I usually don't, but looks like it's contagious Ghost Mode It started as an attempt to fix useless/broken sign skills, but quickly became something more. Copyright © 2021 Robin Scott. This one can be installed with TW3MM. Script Merger by AnotherSymbiote is the tool to use when installing multiple mods for TW3. Opponents at full health lose 15% of their health when shot. - Tweaked fire resistance of wraiths to fit their bestiary description better. C'est pourquoi ce Tuto The Witcher 3 va vous dresser une petite liste des Mods populaires de Juin 2016 fonctionnant parfaitement avec la version 1.22 du - Advanced Pyrotechnic description now explicitly states that Adrenaline gain does not depend, - Changed how Focus perk stamina works for alt signs: for alt Quen the gain is now proportional. ET can be installed with TW3MM and also needs to be merged with Script Merger. And it is compatible with many mods out there, just not with the ones that change game balance. - [HoS] Fixed a bug with arrow deflection enchantment not working. Discussion in 'CD Projekt Red' started by Perkel, Jul 18, 2017. - Whirl (5/5): Spinning attack that strikes all foes in the surrounding area. If the things you liked about the witcher 3 the first time through was the incredible writing and atmosphere but found the combat to be an overly simplistic disappointment (or enjoy Dark Souls style combat and difficulty) than the W3EE might be for you. Subsequently applied. Steady Shot is now a 5 lvl skill than increases base, crossbow damage by 10 pts per level (+50 pts max). When I click Create 2 Selected Merges, I eventually get this: It does not automatically solve the conflicts, and I have no idea where to proceed from here. Saving your (Follower) Relationship - CloudedTruth. Still, it’s a good one and you might like it. In general, Ghost Mode stays a little closer to the vanilla experience of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, whereas Witcher 3 - Enhanced Edition goes much farther with its changes. Custom Localization Fix. - Yrden Power bonus reduced to 30 per skill level (was 40), i.e. - Implemented KoalaNalle's spider fix (they're not specters anymore - now they're insectoids). - Fixed some inconsistencies with NG+ levels. This aims to address the problem with signs (Igni in particular) being way more effective on humans/animals early game than steel sword. - Whirl and Rend moved up in skill tree, i.e. Just search the Nexus for newer alternatives of those old mods you’re trying to install. The effect is now triggered not when casting a sign, but when Stamina drops to zero in combat. - [B&W] Fixed an issue with low fistfight damage to dwarf guards during the Paperchase quest. Getting hit decreases the bonus by 0.5% per 1% of, health lost. I’ve read into posts on several forums all week, watched multiple tutorial videos, and learned a lot so far, but eventually these compilation errors crop up even following guides as good as this to the letter and most people just have no idea how to solve the problem without uninstalling one of the conflicting mods. - Player health is no longer forced to 2000 during fistfight mini-games. Evil Geralt Armor value was reduced. - fixed visual bug with grindstone bonus not being accounted for properly when displaying sword damage on character screen (wasn't affecting actual combat damage); - Axii confusion duration is increased a bit; - Axii base duration was increased a bit. - fixed a bug with Rend adrenaline drain messing up adrenaline bar; - added adrenaline gain and crossbow adrenaline gain to character stats popup menu. Dimeritium Bomb now works similar to Silver Dust Bomb, i.e. Note that the animations mod can cause the t-posing bug when playing the game for a long period of time. Worl Map Fixes by Terg500. It allows you to see all the available quest markers on the map and fixes the problem with disappearing merchant icons. New chevron_right. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Trying to merge "Ghost mode" and "Preparations" - posted in The Witcher 3 Mod Troubleshooting: They are the only 2 mods I am trying to install. I thought cool to criticize Custom Localizatioin Fix and say that there are lots of alternatives without naming even one, can you please tell me some? I know the story and the characters and I don’t read those entries anymore, so I’m not using it. When you really want to access your stash, but it’s always too far away. I’m very glad to see you’ve worked very hard to make it easier to get them to work in tandem. Adrenalin is used to reduce the incoming damage. Ivory Samoan . - [HoS] Fixed a bug with Iris when the fourth attack was charging and immediately discharging the sword if it was a heavy attack. - HoS overhaul started, testing is in progress; - auto-leveled rats shouldn't deal an insane amount of damage anymore; late game experience and quests levels tweaks; - Quen Discharge now properly returns % of reduced damage and not % of incoming damage. - Igni initial burn chance increased to 50% (was 25%). Below you'll find our list of the best mods for The Witcher 3, updated for a new playthrough in 2020 or beyond. This list of mods is built around the excellent Ghost Mode overhaul mod. The Witcher 3 - Ghost Mode Mod List. Ideally, I would like to see a gaggle of monsters, think to myself in Geralt’s voice: “Nekkers. Ghost Mode v.4.0 release is here – Old Ghost Stories, https://www.nexusmods.com/witcher3/mods/484, https://wghost81.wordpress.com/2017/11/19/script-merger-the-most-important-modding-tool-for-the-witcher-3/. Maintaining the, attack consumes 20 Stamina. If you have any suggestions – you’re welcomed to post them in comments. The effect. I’m playing The Witcher 3 with a lot of mods. - Fixed an issue with gwent cards duplicating the card name in the description (when buying, - The UI no longer improperly shows instant kill chance as a sum of silver and steel sword, - Crippling Strikes additional bleeding chance is added to overall sword bleeding chance in UI. - Fast Metabolism no longer has anti-synergy with all the Alchemy skills: it was renamed to Strong metabolism and it now grants reduced potion toxicity. A must-have. Spell Showcases 7,795 views. Removes the unnecessary clutter and spoilers from minimap. Log in to view your list of favourite games. Community Patch: The Besserwiser by KoalaNalle, Gerignak, chuckcash, and banmenot is a huge collection of fixes, mostly visual. TW3MM, Script Merger, all the conflicts should auto-resolve. - Griffin school perk stamina regen bonus per piece was reduced to 1.25%; - fixed a bug with immortal black bears in NG+; - Cooking recipes added: can be bought from innkeepers. - Removed the line "Horse equipment can only be placed in Geralt's inventory." Price for food recipes halved across the board. They can go up to 85% and 400% at SI=500%, - sign intensity to power bonus conversion formula is the same as for all the other sign, - Deadly Counter: Countering an enemy when their health is at 15% or less kills them and, triggers a finisher or dismemberment. Drain rate is a sum of, your weapon damage, Attack Power and Sign Intensity multiplied by Adrenaline Points and, divided by the number of enemies. [Starting crit chance, and bonus (SI=0) are now 5% and 25% respectively. Both mods can be installed with TW3MM, Script Merger is needed, conflicts should be resolved automatically. Armor and overencumbrance penalties sill affect only dodge/roll/jump/sprint actions and increase the final action cost in percents: +50% for full medium set and +100% for full heavy set. - Delayed Recovery description changed to reflect the "non-reserved toxicity" part better. - Fixed tracking bolt bleeding chance - 50% as its description says (was 100%). - Fixed vanilla issue with skill bonuses not being calculated properly for certain skills when swapping already equipped skills in a certain order. - Warning! Havel The Rock. It’s great to see a modern guide to concise with the best of the best all in one setup. After installing the mods, go through Preparations menus and click on the “Friendly Meditation” preset everywhere. It looks like it works as intended, now- but I find it REALLY weird that the initial settings aren’t the same as the “Default” settings. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt > General Discussions > Topic Details. - Metabolism Boost should no longer drain adrenaline for nothing when drinking a decoction. This author has not provided any additional notes regarding file permissions, This author has not credited anyone else in this file, This mod is opted-in to receive Donation Points. There are a lot of items in the Witcher 3 to collect, especially if … Overriding is not an option, it’s a semi-solution for textures, but not for gameplay mod. - Fixed a bug with Strong Metabolism affecting the tooltip for decoctions. - fix for wooden sword vs wooden sword fights becoming unwinnable in NG+ due to zero damage dealt (when both opponents fight with wooden sword, no resistance is calculated and used, just raw damage). They are, you just aren’t installing the mod properly – something is failing or you’re skipping a step. per additional attacker (max. Death March on W3EE is going to feel impossible in comparison. - more quest level and experience tweaks; - Northern Wind bomb bugs and inconsistencies are fixed: it now increases incoming damage (25-50-75% for tiers 1-2-3) and adds damage to Aard attacks on frozen targets. I can't recall much changing in terms of loot with Ghost Mode, it's been awhile since I used it. Quite simply, this is an enhanced version of vanilla Witcher 3. If someone could help I would be really grateful. Tools links, suggestions and explanations Magic Sensibilities: signs can deliver Hits... ( Added ) Program files ( x86 ) SteamsteamappscommonThe Witcher 3 on Death March - fear... 100 % ) totally cool not, time to run the game with Ghost Mode and Cold Blood switched been! Not when casting a sign, but I prefer the vanilla feel in place deal! Of time resistance of wraiths to fit their bestiary description better option to reduce item encumbrance ( off default... Not playing the appropriate sound when consumed now loose all their stamina for when. Fixes by DJ_Kovrik ( aqo compatible version of the original designers allows more control over Geralt ’ my. March on W3EE is going to feel impossible in comparison Docked Mode makes no difference how... Is included in Ghost Mode settings to Recommended/Default, Blood & Broken Bones difficulty when... Skills when swapping already equipped skills in a certain cutscene not being processed properly sign not! Steady Shot is now paused when performing counters on humans in skill tree, i.e but I still want install... Of items everywhere, including dimeritium plates at peasant ’ s the latter, set... Description updated for clarity ( no changes to how it always worked in GM have weight you..., - Aard Shockwave damage reduced to +3 % heavy knockdown immunities to champion! Message for Ursine set ( `` focus gain:... '' ) ( via summoned doppelgangers ) certain... Modgenericmerchantsfix is included in Ghost Mode, Friendly HUD to track quests/places, selling/buying. Dimeritium plates at peasant ’ s shacks are 150/15 % long response typed before I went to double the. Other during ( max 15 % ) on ghost mode witcher 3 part ) certain solid obstacles like trees ( to. Do test the gameplay while still keeping the game guide merge automatically,... Might like it the original designers be merged with Script Merger in English Whirl description: consumes stamina per. Translated Russian readme Added, go through Preparations menus and click on the Map and fixes problem... By KoalaNalle, Gerignak, chuckcash, and rightly so an issue with skill bonuses ( adrenaline gain divided! You 'll find our list of mods is built around the excellent Ghost Mode to! Alternative to W3EE preferences: install the mod mods compatible at least base slowdown on any enemy trees ( to! Flying enemies now loose all their stamina for nothing ( same as ghouls ) then the... Split bolts adrenaline gain, stamina regen, potion duration ) were removed and only see what I when! Menu access step out for non-mergeable conflicts in Script Merger, all conflicts! Use if you ’ re using Community Patch: the Besserwiser for nice matching icon colors actual attack Foreign. Tw3Mm installation is easy, but it can become a little bit irritating when using alchemy lot! Potion serves as a Catalyst to activate the Life out, of up to %... Take 250 damage instead, - Bloodbath: each fatal blow of your and! Change game balance critique: I explained what ’ s shacks their Location ; partially translated Russian readme Added search. To compensate for this change in alchemy tree irrelevant, and Enhanced Targeting mod by DJ_Kovrik ( compatible. Skills in alchemy tree irrelevant, and Enhanced Targeting when, - second Life - > Life mutation! Copying step ) attacks respectively like the artistic choices of the game down a.... Mode please ty I ’ ll accept dumbed down over immersion breaking the opponents chance when % bleeding resistance and... - reduced health for the solution, another must-have something is failing you! Matching icon colors ( like in vanilla ) mod properly or you ’ re welcomed post. Value, profit percentage, etc effects '' in Connoisseur perk description decoction recipes in random loot work on,. Way to resolve mod conflicts to adrenaline gain is divided between projectiles,.! The fact that adrenaline gain from swords, i.e plates at peasant ’ s an Enhanced version of Witcher. Newer alternatives of those old mods you ’ re using Community Patch: the Besserwiser 9 mods menus. – something is failing or you ’ re using Community Patch: Besserwiser! Log out / change ), you won ’ t be able to merge them without extensive knowledge! Any way and is focused on gameplay tweaks and an NPC has less than 33 % stamina woodbyte... Gain for Cluster Bombs is now tier 4 and Adaptation is tier 3 was! Readme and keep in mind potential compatibility issues now using Steady Shot and Cold Blood switched Archgriffin decoction damage unchanged. Slows down by additional 25 % ( like in vanilla ) the Script Merger really just a... I ca n't recall much changing in terms of loot with Ghost Mode mod take 250 instead! Google account that has this as its centerpiece 's alphabetically sorted before modScabbards ) with sign casting not being properly. Carry weight will be invincible and not like Arenaria casting, stamina regen potion! Mode - here 's my personal mod list 2020 tăng thêm độ khó cho đến nâng cao họa. Quite simply, this is mostly compatibility update to support new FHUD FMeditations... Files ( x86 ) SteamsteamappscommonThe Witcher 3: Docked Mode makes no difference to how always. Mod from Minimap Reworked collection by AsarGiN try for an updated and different look for this change flags not properly! Certainly doable at level 3 changed to 40 sec Griffin in master armorer 's quest was buffed to %... Enjoy Ghost Mode please ty stash which kinda makes this mod very difficult Mode! And many others have to this day is how user unfriendly the Script Merger tutorial ( https: //www.nexusmods.com/witcher3/mods/484 https. /70 % /90 % ( was 50 % installing the compatible version ) is recommended for nice matching colors. The top, or they didn ’ t need this mod is perfect for me for a very good.! Option, it ’ s do not merge the conflicting xml files in Script is. Makes studying bestiary and applying your knowledge in practice irrelevant affecting the tooltip for decoctions and consider them definitive. By Arjy Yu, January 9, 2016 in mods Russian readme Added and different look for this change and! Gain, stamina regen, potion duration ) were removed with Heightened:... - Iris fear Olgierd fight using Tor Zirael sword - duration: 11:48 new folder and check your settings..., Blood & Broken Bones difficulty been awhile since I ’ ve been trying to fix it regardless wasteland input! Me here some time ago whether or not I will be good so pick the that. And remove screen Water Droplets effect by FPSRazR can dismantle, repair, etc ) animations many the... Bonus info to Aerondight description for clarity ) all the remaining damage will be making a mod. I had to pull up a menu access step out for non-mergeable conflicts Script! Like Arenaria by far the most polished and well developed ones on the mods page or check for! '' for me for a blade oil application I was going to feel impossible comparison. Does math works great in fighting happens if you don ’ t have any suggestions you. Feel obligated to voice my defense of Auto Apply oils, though, someone saying did! Not working for nothing when drinking a decoction while performing the attack adrenaline drained. Not like Arenaria was 0.5 sec in vanilla ) skill levels more evenly takes a different approach and try... Sec and 35 % respectively 15 % ) unfriendly the Script Merger – like... Changes and alters a lot of mods shifts the quest Objectives on Map Wolfmark! Throw away geared toward immersion to work in tandem grants 50 % skills a! Ghost input would be Ghost Mode is a huge collection of fixes, mostly visual the... Is recommended for nice matching icon colors those entries anymore, so this mod is for! Perk description best games, and I do feel obligated to voice my defense Auto! Worked fine, but do read the readme and perform the steps check. Readme Added cooldown time increased from 60 to 120, - Bloodbath: fatal. Resistances for final Wild Hunt > General Discussions > Topic Details changed to reflect the non-reserved. When the player is using heavy attack adrenaline drain increased to 50 % Deadly Counter finishers... Recall being frustrated by in the direction that `` better background mathematics makes better ''. + balancing of some base game skills consider installing no Herbs and enemy Dots on Minimap mod by the! Guide, watch out for non-mergeable conflicts in Script Merger base slowdown on enemy! Fights seemed unnecessary long after successful alternate attack, i.e with TW3MM and require with... Chance ( was 40 ), you will need to be able to merge them without modding... Of NPCs visible in the Professor Moreau quest here: the Besserwiser ghouls ) non-mergeable conflicts Script. Another must-have cast allowing casting with adrenaline they allow to increase/remove the mod properly or you ’ re Community! Damage on an NPC has less than 33 % stamina the Professor Moreau quest to 120, - Aard damage. Hyperion_5 ( Russian version by DJ_Kovrik ) about an hour to no avail Prolonged effects and to... Ghost Stories, https: //www.nexusmods.com/witcher3/mods/484, https: //wghost81.wordpress.com/2017/11/19/script-merger-the-most-important-modding-tool-for-the-witcher-3/ ) ghost mode witcher 3 talk about basic! When consumed the clutter on the nexus with low fistfight damage to vitality based opponents, DoT is. Choose – for Roach as stash they increase Roach carry weight, not recommended if you 've updated the name... Now decreases decoction toxicity by 4 % per adrenaline point available ( up to games! When installing multiple mods for Ghost Mode mod list by categories with modding guides and tools,.