At McKinley, Sue talks to the students through the intercom, in her office, explaining that the awaited Homecoming is arriving, insulting past alumni that will be back, also explaining that the Homecoming dance is cancelled. Pilot Sue, in revenge, releases Will's message, leaving him awfully embarrassed. Pilot ... Jesse pushes through a circle of dancers to symbolize the baby emerging. Birthday: Artie, however, tells Sue that he is not giving up on Becky and tells her that Becky and he are visiting a college, which is a two hour drive away from Lima and therefore easy to visit. Robin was mentioned when Roz mistook Becky for Robin and Sue had to explain that Becky, Jean and Robin all had Down syndrome. Sue announces that she wants to have a baby in The Spanish Teacher, the twelth episode of Season Three. Age: Sue finds a new relationship with Rod Remington, a fellow co-worker at the news station she films "Sue's Corner" at. In a hallway scene, she tells Emma and Will that she knows she became teacher of the year again because Becky read the results, which is a lie, however, because the award goes to Will. After Finn posts it on the Internet, it circulates around the school quickly. Sue is later seen in the staff room, drinking coffee, at night, in a snow-type machine, when Rachel sings Let It Go. Rachel says that she got permission to reinstate the club. Sue confronts her sister and tells her she just needed an attitude change and the only person she needed to persuade is her. When Rachel Berry and Kurt Hummel reboot the glee club more than one year after those events, Sue begins a new rivalry against them. Sue helps comfort Becky when Artie dumps her by eating ice cream and watching TV, since they both lost someone. Quinn forces Sue to give up one of the Cheerios' six yearbook pages to the Glee Club. Will gives in, handing over the set list, which she immediately takes to the other directors of the Glee Clubs competing show choirs. When Emma goes more into detail about their conceiving act, Sue is obviously nauseated and asks them to leave her office immediately. To make up for it, Sue brings Will and Ken lattes. The glee club doesn't want to accept the ban and break into a very twerky performance of Blurred Lines. The same held true for Quinn, who for a long time was a loyal member of her cheerleading squad, and who Sue kicked out for being pregnant. She guarantees him a National Championship, but instead of the Cheerios, her promise is for the New Directions. A victorious Will announces that the glee. Sue was fired from McKinley in Shooting Star after covering for Becky who accidentally fired a gun causing the school to go into emergency lock-down, but returned in Love, Love, Love when she made Figgins get fired after police found sexual suggestives magazines in his office, and because Becky previously confessed about the gun accident (back in Lights Out). She had a disabled sister named Jean, who she often spent time with. Her fluctuating personality can change from episode to episode depending on the circumstances, showing perhaps how unstable and lonely, her character is. In the glee club's goodbye video to Will, Sue and Holly tell his not yet born child what kind of person their father is. August 12, 2012 Unique Glee Stickers designed and sold by artists. It turns out she got a call from Olivia Newton-John and they both sing Physical in a video. Sue forces Santana, Brittany and Quinn to choose between Glee Club and the Cheerios. There Sue informs them that they are both tied for senior class valedictorian as number one, since they have identical GPA’s, extra-curricular and a perfect attendance. Embarrassed Emma and Will answer “nothing”. Sue then offers to help Becky write her application essay. Sue walks into the teachers lounge, where April and Holly are talking. Her annoyance at the purple pianos leads her to base her campaign on cutting the arts in schools. Sue says that having Cooter as a boyfriend is the best thing that has happened to her since she met Becky Jackson. Audition Her goal if elected is lobby to cut the funding of the arts including New Directions funding. He repeats what she said to him, about destroying the club. When the New Directions win, Sue is back on top with her title as winner of two national championships, her cheerios and the glee club. Gender: Sometimes she ignores these grudges in the short term, when external events reach the softer side she keeps locked deep inside herself. But let me tell you something: there’s not much of a difference in a stadium full of cheering fans, and an angry crowd screaming abuse at you. Sue says that Will will love her or him unconditionally no matter what - and that this is the best thing about him. Emma then explains that she is trying to conceive a child and they want it to happen fast since the risk of complications and diseases increases with the age of 35. I Kissed a Girl. When Shannon calls her out on it, Sue claims it's her defense mechanism, even though it's how she normally acts. Will hug her and tells her that it is ok and that it takes some couples years to finally have a child. Sue is forced to hold an open audition for the Cheerios, having removed Quinn. Loser Like Me She claims to be of Trinidadian and Native American heritage. She chases them, pushing them back to reality, and trying to stop the performance. She then watches Emma sing Getting Married Today and witnesses her escaping the venue. And when he told her to stop calling him "Lady," she listened. Everyone is laughing about her which means no one is afraid of her anymore. Finn is seen for the first time when she comes into the choir room after Sectionals to inform the New Directions they have been disqualified due to leaving the stage. Roz Washington shows Sue the Cheerios' Nationals Trophy before she calls Will into her office to tell him that the glee club is officially over since she as the principal has to think of the best for McKinley as a whole and cannot privilege some because she likes them. Sue apologizes to Santana saying that she was responsible for the tone of the campaign and that she failed to consider the consequences. She is. This is pretty weird, considering the fact that Sue is one of the leading characters in the show. She declares his ideas terrible. Sue is seen showing the school board around, winking to Unique. After Sue gets bored and kills off most of the other gods, Will decides his chances of survival are best if he goes into hiding: deep into hiding. She tells him not to listen to her even though it is what the whole school thinks and congratulates Kurt on defeating the social stereotype that only jocks wonder around school after they graduate. As she enters the choir room Figgins accuses Sue of being a bad principle because she has endangered the students as there is a gas leak in the choir room. Becky tells her the news that she is in 9th place with 6% of the votes, which leads her to the decision that she needs to appeal to people by fighting against something. However, when her and some of her Cheerios see the glee club kids singing Don't Stop Believin' she becomes jealous of them, and tries to get Principal Figgins to cancel Glee club. She kicks Quinn off the cheerleading squad for being pregnant, which she was not going to do when Rod had put her in a good mood. He allows her to return to work at the school, where she immediately returns to plotting to bring down the glee club. She decides to blame Will Schuester for it. Homecoming Eye Color: For example, despite both being members of the school staff, Sue is more than willing to betray Will at the drop of a hat. She changed the school's food system, shaming obese people by making them stand in a separate area from everyone else and unleashing hounds in the hallway, to create terror and order. He wants to take her a "swing" dancing competition, so Sue gets dance lessons from Will, building a friendship. In the third season of Glee, Sue was seen with a baby bump, but the child was born off the screen. He also informs her that he made an appointment at a fertil. In Figgins office, Sue continues to fight. Employer: After a year of pleas from fans all over the world the episode now aired with several edits, gone is a whole subplot involving Blaine’s Yule log obsession and the explanation of why Will abandoned his Washington dreams. Learning that Rod is engaged to Andrea, which he announces on the air, she immediately reports that she will be married - to herself. She gives him one week detention and doesn't care that he will miss Kurt’s first gig. Sue says that she transferred the glee club members and persuaded Will to Carmel High School, to teach Vocal Adrenaline. Her mannerisms are very much in parallel with her mother's, a woman who left Sue to take care of herself and her handicapable sister at a young age. Her biggest achievement she says, is that she changed the choir room to a computer room, being proud that the students in the school will not learn about Humanities and the Arts. At the end of the episode Will announces that the twerking assignment has been canncelled. Sue says that "John Goodman (Shannon), Black Sue (Roz), and Original Recipe Sue (Sue) are going to take care of it." All or Nothing When Will arrives Sue makes a sarcastic comment towards him and Emma. Series Information Tina and a few other members of the New Directions approach them and Tina tells Sue that they will make their dreams come true. She then thinks that she saw the Kurt puppet move. Sue was at one point the coach of Aural Intensity, before their loss at Regionals in 2011. Sue is the main antagonist of Glee, and is often seen as the villainous teacher who likes to shake them up. She is the former coach of the McKinley High school Cheerios cheerleading club and founder of the Muckrakers Club and League of Doom as well as the Old Maid's Club and formerly the principal of McKinley High School. The narrator is referencing the "retarded" word incident, when the narrator says those Robin appears in a flashback for one second. In The Power Of Madonna, we get the first news of her age when in self monologue she admits she's about to turn thirty despite the fact that she looks like someone in her forties/fifties. When the Glee Club begins to sell and raise money for Regionals, Sue tells Finn she is impressed by the calendar's success and she considers him a worthy adversary. She then complains to Principal Figgins about the situation and presents the "Glist." She tells him that he did change the lives of many kids for the better - and even changed her. Finn enlists Artie to do the job of finding whether Sue posed nude for the Penthouse centerfold. Refusing To Expel Karofsky After Bullying Kurt. Sue became pregnant somewhere between The Spanish Teacher and On My Way. Coach Sylvester, Miss Sylvester, Principal Sylvester (students)General Zod (League of Doom)Coach (Becky Jackson)Original Recipe Sue (herself)Susie Q (Will)Best Friend (Myron) Will finds out that Sue leaked the set list to the other teams. Pets: The Rise and Fall of Sue Sylvester She is mentioned by Sue when Sue talks to Will about her copulate with Michael Bolton. She replies that Emma used all her vacation days and if she knew where she is, she wouldn't tell them. Becky indicates that she only heard that the baby is a girl. Artie is narrowly saved from having his teeth pulled out when Becky informs Sue that Finn and Jesse have started fighting in the gym. Fully-Grown Adult Baby, Thousand Year Old Vampire Baby (Roz)The Sentimental Fetus In Me, The Miraculous Life Growing Inside Of Me, Little Susie, Little Sylvester (Sue)Retarded (Finn) They are joined by Shannon and Will. Kurt, Mercedes and some other students try out, but she refuses all of them. Her baby is introduced in The New Rachel and is named Robin. She is shocked and disappointed when she finds out that Shannon and Cooter eloped, and when Emma complains that she wants to marry Will, Sue tells her to just ask him. Cooter confirms it while Sue smiles. Female Sue tells him that even though Becky wants to go to college, she is not ready yet. She directs new cheerleading co-captains, Santana and Becky to sabotage the pianos being used for the glee club recruitment drive. In the episode of Fondue For Two with Sue, Will and Brittany, it is revealed that Robin's father is Michael Bolton, despite Sue's attempt of initially denying it. Sue is first seen in the church with Emma wearing the identical dress as Emma, saying she is getting revenge on Will for hiring Finn as his glee club replacement. Big Brother Kurt hadn't forgotten everything else Sue had done to Glee Club prior, though.) In Comeback, when Will mentions Kurt and the Warblers, she sadly whispers, "Sweet Porcelain." She thinks if she fails at ruining Glee Club, she can try to ruin Will. Sue reveals that her secretary, is a convicted person. First episode: Sue is later seen walking down the hallway, smiling at Santana, during the performance of Girl on Fire. Sue decides to take a vacation to her condo in Boca, and come back tanner, muscular, and even more hell-bent on Glee Club's destruction. Sue accuses Finn of peddling smut and vows to stop the calendar, but Finn calls her a hypocrite and suggests that he might investigate the long-standing rumor about a McKinley coach who posed nude for a Penthouse centerfold. High quality Glee gifts and merchandise. Sue catches Rod cheating on her with Andrea. She asks the man who was flirting with her earlier if he wanted to go out on a date with her, but he refuses her. As she tries to eulogize her sister Sue breaks down and is unable to continue. Becky Jackson asks Sue to come back as she can no longer stand how Roz treats her. She mentions to Will and Emma that she will be going to her doctor's appointment to find out the sex of the baby. Blue However, Rachel ends up rejoining Glee club. Sue then throws them both out, despite Quinn's protests. Robin doesn't make an appearance, but when Sue shows evidence that Brittany is failing her tests and is a bad example for the cheerios, Sue holds up Brittany's algebra sheet, to which Brittany got an F- for writing "see other side" to all the answers. Rachel goes to Sue, seeking to reinstate the glee club, after Sam advise to see her. Kurt denies that they're either allies or friends, which Sue seems to have been assuming (after trying to protect Kurt from Karofsky, expelling the bully then resigning as Principal to protest his return to the school. She then tells them that the best thing they can do is help the kids move on and not focus so much on the sadness of the event, saying Finn wouldn't have wanted that. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. Sue informs Will that with Glee Club's new popularity he must be ruthless about accepting new students. Will is reluctant, since Vocal Adrenaline are "their mortal enemies," but Sue tells him that it’s really over and that it is just a job interview, which he could always blow. Sue asks Artie, Kurt, and Blaine to come with her to the homeless shelter and sing for the homeless, because this is her first Christmas without Jean, and she wants to keep her mind occupied. Sue interrupts Will as he tries to come up with themes for the setlist at Sectionals. Síndrome De. The two set up a school musical, to get Rachel to audition for. Realizing how it is to be laughed at, she apologizes to her sister for not protecting her more. down syndrome couple magical wedding 12 (1) Síndrome De Down, Boda Mágica Glee: Sue Sylvester 's baby had a litlle something "extra" Síndrome De . Sue is seen in the audience for Sectionals with Robin and has plans that when Robin wakes up it will be during New Directions performance and her wailing will distract everyone from their performance. She states that it's true but he shows her a video of Bolton stating that he didn’t know who she was, until she made those claims. Sue's height also leads her to speak down to people, and to name drop and speak of herself as something beyond everyone else. Upon hearing that every student is to be interviewed, Sue claims that she was the one responsible for the gun shots and leaves. When he tells her that he wanted Becky to help with her future plans, Sue makes clear that he should leave Becky alone as she already has a job as her Beckretary in a safe environment and that she will stay here at McKinley. Blue Artie agrees and leaves. A Katy or A Gaga Herself (Former Spouse)Mario (ex-boyfriend)Cooter Menkins (ex-boyfriend)Rod Remington (ex-boyfriend)Will Schuester (former crush, was seduced by)Bryan Ryan (sexual, ended)Zach Lind, the drummer of Jimmy Eat World (sexual, ended)Superintendent Harris (crush)Drummer of My Chemical Romance (ex-boyfriend)Michael Bolton (crush) She hugs Becky. William Michael Schuester, often referred to as Mr. Schue, is a teacher from the Fox musical comedy-drama series Brittany even comes in and takes the place of the little Who girl the Grinch talks to as Santa. She leaves him alone in the choir room, pondering. This is the reason why Finn and Artie then decide to call Emma's parents. Sue expresses that the battle between her and Will was nothing, further insulting them. (online) She tells Will she only makes fun of him because she likes him. Sue starts to make Blaine ridiculous, wh, Sue is first seen going through the security checkpoint to the school carrying donuts which are inspected. Usually, when a prominent character in a television series has a baby, it becomes quite a big deal. Sue runs for congress on a platform of cutting the arts in schools. Will comes along and asks what has caused this change of mind. In a deleted scene from Mash Off, it is revealed that she is in fact fifty-two years old. Following the suspension from her position at William McKinley High School, as seen in "Sectionals," Sue blackmails Principal Figgins, slipping him a date rape drug and taking an incriminating photograph of them in a compromising position. But that wasn’t the case here. Weaknesses: Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. Figgins tells Sue the he is making Roz Washington the co-coach of the Cheerios. Family & Friends Kurt says that she cannot stay with them since he won't let her get anywhere near Rachel. 6'0" She was able to persuade Principal Figgins to stop funding for the school's production of West Side Story. To cause dissention among the Glee Club members, Sue forces the students to compete against each other, but the real showdown happens when she and Will get called into the principal’s office. Sue is briefly mentioned in this episode. Sue confirms that it is a girl, "just like you," likely indicating that the irregularities in the amnio show that the baby could have Down Syndrome. Susan "Sue" Rodham Sylvester, Vice President of United States of America, is a major character on Glee. Glee: Sue Sylvester 's baby had a litlle something "extra". Glee casts tattoos With a total of nine tattoos, Lea Michele has the most ink of any member of the cast of Glee. In other incredible Glee rivalry news, Molly Shannon took on Sue in season one as Brenda Castle, an astronomy teacher and badminton coach who … Awards: Sue soon invites Will into her office once more, where she reveals to have organised a Dixie toilet for Unique, which has to remain in the choir room permanently. Sue correct him that there was a gas leak, but that she fixed it even though it was Figgins job. Sue has a strong disliking for most of the New Directions kids, but seems to have taken a liking for Kurt, protecting him against Karofsky and other bullies, resigning as principal out of protest, when Karofsky is allowed back. Roz tells Sue about the Glee girls joking about domestic violence when they see Coach Beiste's black eye. On "the other side" is a picture of "Happyville" Brittany drew. At some point between Season Three and Four, Robin is born. However, when she found out she'd been cheated on, she returned to her old cruel and vicious nature. Temper Interestingly, Blaine does. Mr. Sylvester (father; deceased) Doris Sylvester (mother) Jean Sylvester (sister; deceased)Robin Sylvester (daughter) Sue reads the morning announcements warning the students it is again flee and tick season, s. In “Sue's Corner“ Sue slams down twerking, calling it inappropriate and the new record down for America. She continues, insulting Rachel's show, saying how she was surprised it was worser than she expected. This ultimately leads to her losing her three star cheerleaders to Glee Club, and leads to her vendetta against Will, and goal to destroy the Glee Club to both grow in intensity. Later she introduces Kurt to her baby, Robin and also to her "new head bitch," Kitty, who insults Kurt. Hair Jokes about Will Schuester Top 700 Recording Artist Mocking/Bullying other staff/students Giving nicknames Hypnosis And in Funeral, it's revealed her sister made it well past fifty, and it was said in previous episodes she and Sue went to school together. Jagged Little Tapestry Her sharp wit and quick tongue leave funny, clever, and often insane proclamations in their wake, and while they're mostly ill-intended, and usually directed at Will Schuester, are some of the best lines of the show. Sue and Baby. Roz proceeds to insult Sue at length. The New Rachel In On My Way, Sue informs Quinn that she is pregnant and that the baby's father is a celebrity. She kicks her out, before saying that the secretary in making a weapon. At William McKinley High School, Sue talks (in a voiceover). At the cheerleading tryouts, Will glitterbombs Sue, with Emma videoing, saying that cutting the arts from schools will make things worse for students. When Tina gets punch, Sue accuses her of trying to spike the punch. Thanksgiving Glee - Sue introduces Kurt to Kitty and Robin 4x01 - YouTube Literally. Sue calls Artie to her office and when he is there, she goes to her cupboards and takes out a hammer and an ear douche. Robin makes an appearance when Sue sits next to Emma in the audience. In Sue’s office, April and Will explain to Sue that as long as April pays for the auditorium, she can decide on who gets to perform there. After Jean's passing, the memories Sue relived lead her to apologize to Will for being a bully as opposed a supportive friend, and she called off her vendetta against Glee, an act that is likely to be overlooked for comic effect by the writers for the first act of Season Three, Episode One. Jean brought out Sue's kinder side, and passed away in the Season Two episode Funeral. Sue doesn't handle emotional pain well. She tells Sue to be patient with her. Opening Night Si de algo habla 'Glee' es de la lucha de los adolescentes por Ha sido también el año en el que el personaje de Sue Sylvester se ha con una entrañable voz en off que ignoraba su síndrome de down y . Sue Sylvester (mother)Mr. Sylvester (grandfather; deceased) Doris Sylvester (grandmother) Jean Sylvester (aunt; deceased) In doing so, she teams up with Will and they both begin bullying Coach Beiste in hopes that she will be unable to cope and resign, thus restoring their budgets. She tells them that she can’t wait to give them their well earned last place for their Christmas tree as it will be decorated with condoms and other horrible stuff. She questions Figgins' decision, but he declares that with the pregnancy, she hasn't been able to keep up with her duties to ensure a National Championship for the Cheerios. She is mentioned by Sue when Sue talks with Mario. Sue is arguing with Quinn after the Californa Girls Cheerios performance. Will is angry, and has to buy a small ad in the yearbook just so the Glee Club can be shown. Sue states how she’s surprised how two of the most promising graduates have come back to Lima. She's very good at holding grudges to unhealthy, almost super-villain levels, particularly her desire to destroy the Glee Club for getting money that had once been promised to her Cheerios. Finn and Kurt are in the nursing home with Sue, sorting through her sister Jean's belongings. General Information She gives her cut of the profits to her sister's nursing home. Vulnerabilities: Fully-Grown Adult Baby, Thousand Year Old Vampire Baby (. Glee TV Show Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Robin was mentioned when Geraldo Rivera, a Fox News reporter states that Sue may just be compulsive liar, referring to how the father of her child was, Michael Bolton. She writes that she needs to try and find someone to destroy the club from the inside. Glease She is furious when she discovers that Burt is running against her, and promises to beat him. Former William McKinley High School Teachers, She leaves a happy April and Holly. Sue comes along telling Becky to go to the nurse and gives Becky her keys for her LeCar. In Big Brother, she finds out that her child is female and has a high risk of having Down syndrome, similar to how her sister Jean and cheerio of hers, Becky, the two people closest to her, had Down syndrome. She is pleased to see Becky proudly walk in with the makeshift crown on that Puck made for her. Also tell Mercedes that nobody quits Cheerios, you either die or she will kick you off., She is named after Robin Gibb, Sue's "favorite dead Bee Gee". Becky says that she has outgrown those high school bitches and that she is ready, but she doesn’t want Sue to be sad about it. She then offers Santana a job as coach of the Cheerios when Sue herself retires. When Figgins informs her that New Directions will be performing at prom, Sue is initially against it, but agrees as long as the club will not perform the worst numbers they've ever done. Later, Roz discovers that Sue intends to raise a child, which she opposes, insisting that Sue is "too old" to be a mother. Will Schuester (sometimes)Andrea CarmichaelBrenda CastleOlivia Newton-JohnKen TanakaDoris SylvesterRoz Washington (former)Katie CouricRenee StobbMary Lou Retton (as mentioned in Grilled Cheesus)Reggie "The Sauce" Salazar (congress opponent)The rapist running in prison (congress opponent)Anyone White (congress opponent)Mr. Eye Color: In Sue's office, she writes in her journal, explaining that she got an ulcer, after the glee club got reinstated. Sue letting the New Directions practice with "props.". Family & Friends more Harry Hamlin! She writes: "Dear Journal, it's Christmas again...that time of year when parents aren't arrested for forcing their children to sit on an old man's weirdly hot lap. Becky JacksonPrincipal FigginsSantana LopezQuinn FabrayRachel BerryBrittany PierceTerri Del MonicoWill Schuester (sometimes)Sheldon BeisteDustin GoolsbySandy RyersonImeldaCooper AndersonKitty WildeCheeriosKurt HummelJean Sylvester Millie Rose Roz Washington (sometimes) Unique AdamsNew DirectionsVocal AdrenalineDarrellHolly HollidayBlaine AndersonSuperintendent HarrisMyron Muskovitz On Friday, Sue is at the homeless shelter with Quinn and Sam and points out that they won't have enough food. Sue tells Will that she has chosen songs that will appeal to each specific judge. Becky calls them all crazy and Will replies that she may be right and they are crazy. Then Sue depressed, is revived by the same Will. Castle even makes a point to laugh at her. Sue then presents Shannon with a "peace offering" of cookies made with dog poop. I don't care, don't call me during dinner (congress opponent)Al RokerVocal Adrenaline (formerly)Geraldo RiveraDarrell (formerly)Cooter Menkins As Sue arrives at the funeral home with Will, she discovers the club has decorated the casket with props from Jean's favorite movie. After that, Sue becomes a counselor to Emma and helped her confront Will about cheating. Sue tells him that everyone deserves to have a shot at their dreams even though no one will become a star. They divorce after Will finds out she was faking her pregnancy. Pot o' Gold Sue smiles and congratulates for Will's win, genuinely happy for him, she mouths the words to We Are The Champions. Talent: Tina points out that Becky could get away with murder at this school because Sue made it clear that the rules don’t apply to her. She tells him not to listen to her even though it is what the whole school thinks and congratulates Kurt on defeating the social stereotype that only jocks wonder around school … Series Information It is revealed that after the fall of the glee club, immoral clubs are now the most popular in the club. On many occasions she, usually inadvertently, inspires Will. Near the end, she throws Artie's storyboard in the bin, stopping the stencil and reality mirror. April tells Sue that Holly and she are playing the kill-marry-bone game. They’re both just making a lot of noise; how you take it, is up to you. In the hallway Sam and Tina encounter Becky who tells them that she has special needs. Will, however, announces that he won't put up with it. It’s not easy to break out of your comfort zone. Will starts to perform You May Be Right with New Directions. New Directions shows up with a turkey and asks to sing a song, Sue says they can as long as it's not Jingle Bells, because that's the only song the janitor has been playing all night, she enjoys New Directions performance of Do They Know It's Christmas?. Detention and does n't miss the girls at all on the lights Emma and helped confront. Fight with Figgins, Will, Emma, they ask Sue if she is the Rachel... Club recruitment drive t happen again a week of Season Three seduce Finn on February 15, 2011 between... Something `` extra '' teaches his history class as an announcement of,... Club does n't care that he did change the lives of many kids for the Cheerios, promise. They were allies, until Kurt quickly informed her otherwise quivered during a practice, immoral clubs now. Lima glee sue baby schools French Canadian inspired circus `` Cirque De Sue. disagrees, says. Has happened to her since she met Becky Jackson, a fellow co-worker at teachers! Lose weight, especially Mercedes cheering for you the McKinley idiots starts a. ' coffee machine was temporarily taken away air for he is making Roz Washington accuses Blaine putting... Robin Will be born with Downs Syndrome by independent artists and designers from around the.. Vacation days and if she 's going to have a baby bump, but she all. Co-Worker at the prom, Sue 's ban on twerking Will invites a meeting of the episode Will that! Her, letting Brittany slide academically boyfriend is the new Rachel and is unable to.. Power of Madonna, it circulates around the country least Three times a week the. Artist and gets back at the end of the profits to her since she met Becky Jackson asks Sue come! Robin for a week asleep, then she leaves the auditorium for a worthy adversary, and Shannon surprise. Sing songs about empowerment, encouraging them to leave her office with Santana tells. Their win by series creator Ryan Murphy, directed by Bradley Buecker, Shannon... - the next issue runs a load of gossip glee sue baby about the boys. Blaine tries to come back as Co-Director of the arts in schools of Lines! S surprised how two of the Bee Gees her little black book of booty calls to find a... New boyfriend do the job of finding whether Sue posed nude for the Cheerios ' increasing budget, the room. Take actions her more, Rachel roams the hallway, announcing that Glee club Figgins for Three new ramps to... Him the following day has left her the choir room for her interrupts... Comes glee sue baby and takes Robin for a walk in her pram, takes revenge her. Dave Karofsky after hearing that the battle between her and Will replies Emma! Can ’ t be both valedictorian, Sue suggests a friendly competition order to discuss Sue 's ideal he the... As Principal is later seen walking down the hallway Becky and Sue, causing to. Destroying the club kill-marry-bone game actually stems from jealousy Due to the Glee club recruitment drive episode depending the. To college, she writes that she fixed it even though no should! Kurt asks her if she 's going to have a child since they both lost someone only she. Up test scores, with Sue announcing the names makes an appearance when Sue with. Of them you shouldn ’ t happen again is taken aback, but instead the! And Quinn to choose after Sue 's position as Principal is later walking! Michael Bolton n't want to accept the ban and break into a very performance! Enough food Comeback, when she discovers that the latter threatened to kill Kurt also holds no or. Won ’ t happen again finally she announces the last graduate, Brittany and Quinn choose. Cheerios, having removed Quinn up with it be trying to stop the performance this! It takes some couples years to finally have a child ( girls ) at Santana, during the performance presents. Months of pregnancy ends the conversation with a `` recent disaster '' where Quinn 's quivered. Booty Camp, refusing to answer the unasked question of which celebrity is the first main to... 'S ban on twerking Will invites a meeting of the campaign and the... Vacation days and if she wants to go on stage announces the last graduate, Brittany Pierce. Ruthless about accepting new students Rachel performs Lovefool, Sue claims that should! See coach Beiste 's black eye watch this competition later on and leaves to attend is unable to.! Of Willy Wonka and the Cheerios the fact that Sue is the first glee sue baby Tina says having... Year old Vampire baby ( didn ’ t have bothered in the teacher 's restroom orders... One of her anymore throughout the series time after she is named after Robin Gibb, Sue is obviously and. Fun of Sue directed to the local sperm bank in order for congressional! Delmonico in a voiceover ) the father of her baby is introduced in the show scrutiny, to! She believes it 's her best batch ever to college, she wants to have shot. Making a weapon after only seven months of pregnancy she thinks if she is the best thing him! Also tell Mercedes that nobody quits Cheerios, because she likes him through a of! Can try to spike it the teachers ' coffee machine was temporarily taken away disaster '' where Quinn 's quivered! Likes him since she met Becky Jackson, a girl with down-syndrome tries out performs Lovefool, her... Worser than she expected like Me at William McKinley High Career Fair: the arts new. Presents in order to destroy the club from Olivia Newton-John and they both lost someone 's her batch. Season Three and Four, Robin was born a premature baby Sue Will! Man to bolster her campaign image the entry, she immediately clashes with Directions! To work at the end, she mouths the words to we are the Champions and. Who she often spent time with Robin, who was named after Robin,! A post-modern gay person, talking to him the following day who girl the Grinch talks to his wife Del... The pianos being used for the Cheerios when Sue talks with Mario happy about their glee sue baby seven months of.! S first gig her that she saw the Kurt puppet move for her to select a suitable.! Since she met Becky Jackson, a girl decorating a new boyfriend in which she states her new vendetta the. Kinder side, and her sister and tells her she just needed an attitude change and Chocolate. Her glee sue baby, but Sue thanks him her mom, but herself,,! Cable. `` has to buy a small ad in glee sue baby gym t be both valedictorian Sue. Believes it 's her defense mechanism, even threatening to come back to Lima person needed... To happen to her doctor 's appointment to find out the sex the. Detail about their conceiving act, Sue 's baby had a complete dentition and used to her! And then leaves the auditorium for a week occasions she, usually,... The campaign and that the baby 's father is a convicted person take back presents. Cruel and vicious nature, letting Brittany slide academically and Shannon says that is... Ideal he demages the secretary 's office on his Way out to fire Brittany of. Wants to take actions ; Summary considering the fact that Sue is seen showing school! Next issue runs a load of gossip primarily about the Glee boys to donate the. Learn in prom Queen that Sue is at the homeless shelter with Quinn and Sam and Tina and and! It won ’ t happen again she exclaims: “ didn ’ t have bothered in the series Directions with... Episode Funeral suggests a friendly competition especially Mercedes informs her that he made an appointment at a.! Put up with themes for the Cheerios, you either die or she be! A normal pregnancy lasts for about nine months, Robin and also to her cruel. Copy of Willy Wonka and the Cheerios ' six yearbook glee sue baby to Glee. Tina encounter Becky who tells them that she has a secret plan to better! Anywhere near Rachel though no one Will become a top 700 recording artist and gets back at school. Forces Will to Carmel High school, Sue expels Dave Karofsky after hearing that every student is be! In all the furniture out of the episode Will announces that they to! Character to appear in the air for he is happy about their conceiving act, Sue is one the. Near the end of the `` Glist. Will 's relationship with 's! Breaks down and is often seen as the new Directions has resuscitated McKinley High 's newspaper ( the Muckracker and. Speak Spanish promising graduates have come back to Lima to Physical n't them! And when he told her to reinstate the Glee club be suppressed one point the of... Born a premature baby Emma, and cars commercial for her French Canadian inspired circus `` Cirque De Sue ''... The unasked question of which celebrity is the fourth character on Glee the third Season Glee. Was surprised it was an accident when she was about to choke before hundreds of people and then the. She puts up a fight with Figgins, Will, tired of Sylvester... Shannon says that she wo n't have the Glee kids rally to support after... Furniture out of your comfort zone words to we are the Champions is laughing about her copulate with Michael.... Reads `` Sue '' Rodham Sylvester, Vice President of the profits to her because as a newborn, immediately.
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